Flexo Ocean Life Stingray

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Flexo uses a unique rigid construction brick and flexible tendon that allows you to truly flex your imagination and create designs you never thought possible. 100% compatible with LEGO and other major brick brands, it‰۪s a whole new universe of possibilities!

Every piece of Flexo is proudly manufactured in New Zealand to exacting world-class standards.

Flexo Ocean Friend: Stingray
Ah the Stingray. So graceful. So serene. But watch out - there's a sting in their tail! Often found gliding along the bottom of the ocean, one of the favourite foods of the Stingray is our Crab - so be careful when you get these two together!

Suitable for children aged 6 or older.åÊThe Stingray is building difficulty level 1 out of 5.

Stingray product contents: 2 Eyes 80 Bricks, 110 Tendons, 1 Flexo multitool and instructions.